International movement

Solid is an international movement that is gaining traction in all kinds of sectors. The BBC is pioneering this technology, the NHS is investigating it in healthcare, the Flemish government has adopted it via Athumi, etc. A growing number of sectors and applications is being developed in Europe.

Dutch examples in preparation

Diverse sectors in the Netherlands are also interested in using this technology. There are countless examples of how Solid can deliver added value and be applied in sectors. In the Netherlands we are involved in the following examples in development, preparation or planning.

My finances

Applying for income benefits for citizens is often complex for several reasons. The Virtual Income Desk, a program of multiple municipalities, is creating a change. In the Netherlands we have developed an initial test setup to simplify applying for allowances based on Solid's open technology.

My Energy

In our current world, sustainable energy management is of crucial importance. By intelligently and securely integrating energy data, new insights and applications become possible that contribute to a more sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy sector.

My health

During your life and in care situations, often multiple healthcare providers are involved. People are the focus point in these care processes. By placing the health data in a data vault, the relevant data can easily move along during the contacts that are needed. In addition, the data vault may contain other sources of information that may be useful for understanding a person's context. Want to know more about projects in development around this theme? Contact us:

My career and study

Sharing your diploma is a common situation when applying for jobs or, for example, demonstrating in healthcare that you have the correct papers. With the help of data vaults, among other things, you can share this safely and responsibly. Want to know more about projects in development around this theme? Please contact us

Solutions in other domains and sectors

In addition to the above examples, Solid can be used in many other domains, from government, energy, retail, cultural sector, etc. Are you curious about what Solid's open technology can mean in your sector? Please contact us