Knowledge session

Many sectors and organizations are not yet aware of the global Solid movement and would first like to receive more information to explore how it can fit into their agenda and strategy. A knowledge session is a good first step to learn more about the aspects of Solid.

Explore options for technical test setup and implementation

The added value and effect often becomes tangible and more understandable once a test setup is developed. We develop test setups in several sectors together with technical experts, that are further scaled up to actual implementation. Want to more, please get in touch:

Trust framework, open architecture and coherence

A scalable technical infrastructure does not work without a trust framework around data sharing, an open architecture and coherence with other developments such as sectoral agreement schemes, European wallets, national and European regulations. That is why we are building a generic system of trust, with an open architecture and coherence with other sectoral, national and international developments. In many sectors, permissions for users - humans - are a recurring theme. In order to promote the creation of a coherent, understandable digital landscape for people in all their roles (citizen, patient, consumer, student, etc.), we are developing this cohesively. If you are interested, please get in touch: