About Solid Community Foundation - Netherlands

The mission of Solid Community Foundation is to achieve responsible and safe data sharing based on open standards and values such as self-determination, freedom of choice, trust, and transparency.

We see technology as a means to contribute to a human-centric, friendly, and secure user experience in the digital space.

About Solid

Solid is an initiative of the founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. It was created with the vision of making the web safer by organizing identities, data, and applications in a different way. This creates opportunities to organize the sharing of data safely and responsibly while also enabling an improvement of the user experience and service delivery. Solid is technically an umbrella under which various open technical specifications fall and builds on trusted W3C standards.

We see Solid as a solid foundation that needs to be further extended and developed from the underlying vision for a more innovative, friendly, and secure web. To achieve this vision, we use additional open technologies and support the further development into a cohesive whole.

What We Do

We provide advice on how to apply the vision of Solid in different sectors and support the development of practical projects in collaboration with organizations, research-, and implementation-partners. We also support cross-sectoral knowledge sharing. The outcomes of these efforts are communicated widely to strengthen awareness of the possibilities of safe and responsible data sharing.


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About Data Vaults

The open technology behind Solid enables personal data vaults. This gives individuals control over their data and allows them to decide which data to share, with which organization, and for how long. An important principle of Solid is that data is stored in a way that all applications and organizations can understand and process.


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