What is Solid?

Solid is an initiative of the founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, to make the web friendlier, more secure and more innovative. Solid can provide added value in almost all sectors; from the energy sector, public sector, healthcare, media, retail to government. It supports safer and responsible data sharing and improvement of services and user-friendliness.


The development of a friendlier web is a paradigm shift and does not happen automatically. The mission of the Solid Community is to organize that movement in a responsible manner from an independent and neutral approach and based on public values. We connect a broad community with participants such as government, sectors, social partners and knowledge institutions and support them in:

  • Knowledge sessions for awareness
  • Development of test setups towards implementation
  • Generic trust framework and coherence
In this way, the development of architecture, governance and adoption, is harmonized into a coherent whole.

Highlighted: Making it easier for citizens to apply for allowances

Together with ICTU, the innovation organisation of the Dutch government, we are developing a Virtual Income Desk in which that citizens can apply for allowances more easily.

News: Knowledge session at ICTU

At the invitation of ICTU, the innovation organization of and for the Dutch government, we organized a knowledge session about Solid. Together we looked under the hood of the next generation of public services, focusing on important concepts such as data control, digital identity, wallets and proactive services.